Say no to unsightly metal fillings and contact Silver Leaf Dentistry in Longmont, CO for beautiful tooth fillings. Trusted Longmont, CO dentist Dr. Kory Wallin who has a Doctorate Degree in Dental Medicine at Midwestern University, exclusively uses a composite material that is color-matched to your smile to repair cavities, so no one will be able to tell you’ve had tooth fillings!

Benefits Of Tooth Fillings From Silver Leaf Dentistry

Until relatively recently, metal fillings have been the standard restorative dentistry option to repair cavities. Now tooth fillings can be placed on any tooth, including your molars.

Compared to metal fillings, natural-looking tooth fillings offer many advantages because they are:

  • Discreet: Dr. Wallin will color-match your fillings to your other teeth, so no one will notice your fillings
  • Minimally invasive: compared to metal fillings, tooth-colored fillings allow us to retain more of your natural tooth enamel
  • Fast-hardening: because tooth-colored fillings are fully hardened by the time you leave our office, you can start chewing normally as soon as you leave

Signs You May Have A Cavity

Tooth decay can often go unnoticed until it starts causing discomfort. Cavities can also cause:

  • Sensitivity to certain foods and drinks
  • Discoloration
  • Food becoming stuck on the surface of your teeth

At Silver Leaf Dentistry, we aim to find cavities while they are still small so we can minimize the amount of dental treatment needed. That’s one reason it’s important to see trusted Longmont, CO dentist Dr. Wallin for regular dental cleanings and exams.

Other Options For Severe Cavities

If too much of your natural tooth structure has been lost to decay, Dr. Kory Wallin may recommend a dental crown. Your dental crown will completely cap damaged the damaged tooth for protection and aesthetic purposes.

If you’re ready to repair your teeth with natural-looking tooth fillings, contact your top-rated Longmont, CO dentist at Silver Leaf Dentistry by calling 720-504-2539 or using our online form.

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