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If you’re ready to have complete confidence in your dentist, contact Silver Leaf Dentistry to schedule your smile-changing appointment with Dr. Kory Wallin. At our Longmont, CO dentist office, Dr. Wallin and our caring team go above and beyond to make our patients happy. Just check out our patient testimonials to see what we mean!

We offer several types of dentistry in one location for your convenience:

Take a look at these patient testimonials, then visit Silver Leaf Dentistry to see what it’s like to love your dentist! Call us at 720-504-2539 today to make an appointment.

Stephanie G. overcoming her fears thanks to Silver Leaf Dentistry

I was like a dog going to the vet. My husband has to drive me just to make sure I get to the dentist, and it was nothing I ever willingly did. In fact, when I booked appointments, there was a lot of anxiety associated with it. It was the pain, the sound, the whole experience of it. But they do a...

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Stephanie G. on having many crowns placed at Silver Leaf Dentistry

I have had extensive work done on my mouth. I unfortunately just have bad teeth, and that's how it's been my whole life. I have terrible experiences with dentists, to the point where I try not to go. But after coming here and being within this office, that dissipated. It's been put more at ease,...

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Stephanie G. on bringing her whole family to Silver Leaf Dentistry

Dr. Wallin and the staff, again, it’s that friendliness, that ability to put kids at ease. My daughter unfortunately inherited my bad teeth, and she comes in quite often. And they are always just very kind, very gracious to her, and really make sure that she feels good when she's coming in to get...

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Shelly R. on overcoming her fears and her dental crown

I equate the dentist with pain, and I haven't felt any pain at all. I even had to have a root canal, and it was in the front tooth. I am so happy that he did it, because he did a great job. I didn't feel anything. I watched TV while he was doing it. I had fallen years ago, and I hit my front tooth....

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