If you’re ready for a bright, white celebrity smile, visit your trusted Longmont, CO dentist at Silver Leaf Dentistry for a variety of professional teeth whitening treatments.

Dr. Kory Wallin stays ahead of the cosmetic dentistry curve and can combine teeth whitening with other cosmetic treatments to give you a full smile makeover!

And, as part of our specials and promotions, we are currently offering free Opalescence Go take-home whitening systems for new patients!

Safe, Effective: The Professional Teeth Whitening Difference

You may be wondering why you should see a dentist to brighten your smile when there are so many over-the-counter teeth whitening options. The answer is simple: professional whitening works better and is safer for you.

Because the teeth whitening options used by top-ranked Longmont, CO dentist Dr. Wallin are much more potent than store-bought options, they produce dramatic results fast. And, because Dr. Wallin will protect your gums with special barriers, your whitening treatment will stay put on your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Options From Dr. Wallin

At Silver Leaf Dentistry, we give our patients options when it comes to teeth whitening. Whether you choose KöR deep bleaching or a convenient Opalescence Go take-home system, your teeth will be noticeably brighter in no time!

Opalescence is perhaps one of the most convenient whitening solutions. It’s ready right out of the box, and we don’t even need to take impressions. Opalescence is even flavored, so it will taste great too!

KöR deep bleaching is one of the strongest whitening treatments available in dentistry and combines in-office and at-home treatments. This system can improve the shade of your teeth by up to 16 shades. KöR deep bleaching whitening solution is so effective because it allows your tooth to absorb oxygen and dissolve stains, even heavy stains caused by medications.

Keeping Your Smile Bright After Teeth Whitening

Once you have your Hollywood smile, there are several things you can do to keep it looking great. Depending on your situation, Longmont, CO dentist Dr. Wallin will recommend follow-up whitening treatments and perform regular dental cleanings and exams to prevent stains. You should also avoid:

  • Dark-pigmented foods and beverages like wine, tea, and coffee
  • Tobacco products

If you’re ready to achieve the bright smile you’ve always wanted, call your friendly Longmont, CO dentist at Silver Leaf Dentistry at 720-504-2539 for professional teeth whitening. You can also use our online form. Your time spent with Dr. Kory Wallin will be totally worth it because his dental services are rewarding since he had his Doctorate Degree in Dental Medicine at Midwestern University.

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