Get Your Teeth Back With Longmont, CO Dentures

Missing teeth don’t have to keep you down. With dentures from Silver Leaf Dentistry, you can fill in the gaps in your pearly whites or get a whole new smile. Modern dentures have come a long way since the “false teeth” of yesterday. These replacement teeth:

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  • Help you avoid embarrassing social situations
  • Earn you more respect from peers and others
  • Make it easier to eat and enjoy more types of delicious foods
  • Give you a healthier, younger appearance
  • Aid in digestion by helping you chew more thoroughly

Make an appointment today to get your teeth back! Call 720-504-2539 to speak with a member of our friendly team. Residents of the 80501 ZIP code will find our location on Ken Pratt Boulevard especially convenient.

Choose From Several Denture Options

Our Longmont, CO dentist, Dr. Kory Wallin, combines advanced technology, extensive education and experience, and patient-centered care to keep the people of Longmont smiling. Because each patient is unique, we offer three different denture options.

Full dentures replace a full arch of teeth in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. This style of denture will restore your beautiful smile, plus give you back your biting and chewing capacity. They are removable for easy cleaning, but they will be securely held in place with suction and/or adhesive.

If you still have healthy natural teeth, Dr. Wallin can replace specific sections of teeth with partial dentures. Your removable partials will be held in place with clasps and the help of your surrounding teeth.

Dental implant overdentures are full removable dentures held in place with dental implants. The hold is more secure and natural-feeling than traditional dentures, and they won’t fall out when you eat or speak.

Regardless of the particular option you settle on, Dr. Wallin will make sure your new teeth match any of your remaining teeth and improve your facial profile. No one will be able to tell you’re wearing them!

Getting You Ready For Your Dentures

If you still have a few of your natural teeth and want full dentures, Dr. Wallin will perform a gentle tooth extraction to make room for your replacement teeth. During your visits, Dr. Wallin and our staff will do everything we can to help relieve your dental anxiety and set your mind at ease.

Get your strong, confident bite back with dentures from Silver Leaf Dentistry! Call us today at 720-504-2539 to make an appointment.

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