Are your severely damaged or missing teeth causing you pain? If you’re ready for natural looking and feeling tooth replacements, contact Silver Leaf Dentistry for permanent dental implants and restorations from Longmont, CO dentist Dr. Kory Wallin!

At our Longmont, CO dentist office, we provide a variety of restorative dentistry options so you can get your strong, confident smile back in as little as two visits!

Dental Implants Explained

Dental implants are a permanent replacement for your missing tooth roots. Our office works with a local specialist to place your dental implants. Once your dental implants have fused with your jaw, Dr. Wallin will attach a dental crown, dental bridge, or implant-secured dentures, depending on your particular situation.

Your dental restorations will not only give you back your full oral function but will also look and feel great. Dr. Wallin will even color-match your replacement teeth to the rest of your smile!

The Permanent Tooth Restoration Process

Depending on your particular circumstances and smile goals, Dr. Wallin can complete your dental implant restoration in as little as two visits!

Dr. Wallin will carefully plan your restoration creation using impressions of your mouth and advanced technologies like our digital X-rays. When you return for your follow-up, top-notch Longmonth, CO dentist Dr. Wallin will place your restoration to give you a beautiful, healthy smile!

Restorative Dentistry In Perfect Comfort

Dr. Wallin, your trusted Longmont, CO dentist, and the rest of our friendly team will always put your comfort first. To help you relax during your visit, we provide comfort options, such as:

  • Private care rooms with no glaring overhead lights
  • Soft pillows and warm blankets
  • Ceiling-mounted TVs and wireless headphones

We’ll do everything we can to make you comfortable and relieve your dental anxiety.

If you’re ready to get your strong, beautiful smile back, contact Silver Leaf Dentistry for dental implants and restorations. Call your trusted Longmont, CO dentist Dr. Kory Wallin at 720-504-2539 or use our online form. Experience Dr. Wallin’s rewarding dental services since he is one of the trsuted dentists in Longmont, CO who had his Doctorate Degree of Dental Medicine at Midwestern University.

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