Cavities are a common problem amongst adults. That’s why getting a filling is one more popular restorative treatments. The type of filling you receive plays a part in your overall and oral health. At our practice, we only offer composite fillings, and there’s a good reason why. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings have many advantages. Today, we’ll delve into the benefits of composite fillings and why they are ideal for your smile.

What Are the Signs of a Cavity?

First, we wanted to talk about the signs of a cavity. They can develop subtly, often without immediate pain or discomfort. However, the most common sign of a cavity is tooth sensitivity or a persistent toothache. This discomfort may be triggered by hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and drinks. You may also notice visible holes, pits, or dark spots on your tooth’s surface. 

However, the easiest way to find out if you have a cavity is with regular checkups. 

The Benefits of Tooth Fillings

We wanted to share a few reasons you’ll benefit from tooth fillings:

  • Natural Appearance

One of the biggest advantages of composite fillings is their tooth-colored appearance. Unlike amalgam fillings, which are silver or gray, composite fillings will blend in with other teeth. It makes them virtually invisible when you laugh, talk, or open your mouth. This advantage ensures that your smile remains as beautiful as ever. 

  • Minimal Tooth Removal

Another major benefit to composite fillings is they require less tooth removal compared to amalgam fillings. This means that more of your natural tooth structure is preserved. The reason is the material itself can be easily bonded to your tooth. As a result, your filling contributes to the overall health and longevity of your teeth. 

  • Less Sensitivity

Patients who receive composite fillings typically experience less post-treatment sensitivity than those with amalgam fillings. This reduced sensitivity means that you can return to your regular activities and diet more quickly. In addition, composite fillings do not contract in differing temperatures as much. This means you’re less likely to experience discomfort when sipping hot coffee or indulging in your favorite ice cream.

  • Mercury-Free: 

Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings are mercury-free. While the risks associated with mercury in dental amalgam are still debated, many patients prefer to opt for a mercury-free alternative for peace of mind. So, you can feel confident when you visit our practice for tooth fillings, we have your long-term health and overall health at heart.

  • Easy to Repair

No restoration is designed to last a lifetime. However, in the event of damage or wear over time, composite fillings are relatively easy to repair or replace. This means that your dentist can address any issues promptly, prolonging the life of your fillings and preventing further tooth damage. That way, you can feel at ease in the case of a filling coming out of your mouth.

Keep in mind, one of the best ways to avoid a filling is by keeping your mouth healthy. We encourage you to schedule your next dental checkup. We’ll clean your teeth and examine your mouth for any signs of cavities. If your dentist does spot a problem, you can expect your oral health to be restored in no time.

If we do spot a cavity, you can trust we use the best available materials. Call Silver Leaf Dentistry today at 720-504-2539 for an appointment in Longmont, CO or request an appointment online.