Welcome back to our oral health blog! We love having this platform to provide folks in our community with helpful dentistry-related information. If you are having any issues, or you just need a great dentist in the Longmont, CO area to help you stay on-track, we’d love to see your smiling face in one of our chairs sometime soon. In today’s post we’ll be talking about a sore subject: tooth extractions. Keep reading to hear all about when tooth removal takes sense, and then be sure to get in-touch to schedule your consultation appointment with the Silver Leaf Dentistry team!

Aren’t Dentists Supposed To Save Teeth?
We know that the practice of extracting teeth might sound counter-intuitive, but there really are some valid reasons for extractions. And they are sometimes necessary to keep the rest of your mouth healthy and so forth. Most of us are aware of what happens with wisdom teeth (especially since that topic was a recent post), so for now let’s explore a few of the other, perhaps more surprising, scenarios.

Tooth Decay
When there is prolonged damage or decay your options become more limited. Remember, our goal is always to save your natural teeth whenever possible. But if the tooth is too damaged to be saved by a dental filling, root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, we may well recommend extraction.

Periodontal Disease
If severe gum disease has destroyed your gums and underlying bone, the tooth in question may be too loose to be saved by conventional gum disease treatment. In this sort of scenario, the tooth must be removed and replaced with an implant. Don’t worry, if it comes to that, we work with a great specialist. Interestingly enough, gum disease actually accounts for the majority of adult tooth loss in this country and it attacks your body’s other systems too. So, be diligent!

This is a common situation for folks looking to restore their smile after initial tooth loss has occurred. Complete dentures or overdentures (dentures supported by dental implants) span the entire arch, so tooth extraction may be necessary if you are getting all of your teeth replaced. It will make the situation better for you in the end, so keep that in-mind.

Severe fractures, broken teeth, and other dental emergencies can also necessitate the removal of teeth. If you are in the midst of an emergency, make sure you get here ASAP so that we can do everything possible to save your natural smile.

Orthodontic Treatment
You might be surprised by this one. But your orthodontist may actually recommend tooth extraction if your mouth is too crowded. When you think about it, there is a good reason, because braces do need room to be able to move your teeth into a better alignment. In the end, braces will improve the health and appearance of your smile, boost your confidence, etc.

How It Works At Silver Leaf Dentistry
If you turn out to be a good candidate for a dental extraction, we will begin with a complete oral evaluation and review of your medical history. Our team will also take digital dental X-rays. From these crisp, detailed images we can better see the structure of your tooth so that we can extract it safely. After we get through the planning process, we will numb the area around your damaged tooth and perform the necessary extraction.

Learn More, Get Started!
Are you in pain? Our Longmont, CO team can determine if tooth extraction is the most viable solution for you. At Silver Leaf Dentistry, we provide safe and comfortable tooth removal for both children and adult patients alike. Contact us online today to learn more and get started! Or you can always give us a ring at 720-504-2539!