Boost your self-esteem — and maybe find love — with a new, supercharged smile. At Silver Leaf Dentistry, we have cosmetic dentistry procedures that will transform your dingy, damaged, and discolored teeth into a dazzling grin that you’ll want to show off.

A great smile, and the confidence that goes with it, have the power to improve your social life and open doors professionally.

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Dental Veneers

Dental veneers were created in Hollywood to improve the look of actors’ smiles on the screen. They are still enormously popular with entertainers and other celebrities, as they give teeth a totally straight, flawless look. In one procedure, veneers hide a range of flaws, including chips, stains, cracks, gaps, worn-down teeth, and even minor alignment problems.

A dental veneer is a thin shell-like structure that is bonded to the front of the tooth. It is permanent, and can be expected to last up to twenty years. You may get a veneer for one damaged tooth, or cover all of your teeth for an extra dazzling smile. While they are considered cosmetic, veneers are functional as well, protecting and strengthening teeth.

We offer conventional porcelain veneers as well as extra durable ceramic e.max veneers. Both options are custom crafted from impressions of your teeth and require the removal of a small amount of tooth enamel before placement.

Teeth Whitening

Numerous products that claim they will whiten your smile are available for purchase at drug stores and grocery stores. But most of these products just don’t work well. That’s because they contain a low concentration of active ingredient and their trays are one size fits all, which in reality means they don’t fit anyone all that well. That results in discomfort and uneven application of solution.

We offer two professional whitening systems that are safe and effective. The Opalescence Go take-home kit enables you to whiten your teeth at home, at your convenience. The gels are flavored, making them more pleasant to wear. The custom-made trays are comfortable and provide even coverage. One of the benefits of take-home whitening is that you have control over the process. Once your teeth are a shade you like, you can stop. The KoR deep bleaching kit combines in-office and at-home treatments. This is a powerful system that can lighten teeth up to sixteen shades. It can even reach those stubborn intrinsic tooth stains below the enamel.


Gone are the days when therapy for crooked teeth required metal brackets and wires prominently displayed across the front of your smile. While conventional braces still make sense in some cases, Invisalign is an attractive alternative for adults and teens who want a faster-working, more discreet orthodontic option.

Invisalign therapy involves a series of small, transparent, custom-crafted plastic aligners that shit your teeth. You will wear each one a couple of weeks before moving on to the next. Benefits of clear aligner therapy include:

  • Comfort. There are no metal parts to poke the soft tissues of the mouth, just soft plastic molded to your teeth. No painful tightening is required.
  • You remove the aligners to eat and clean your teeth, so you don’t have food restrictions and oral hygiene is easy.
  • Treatment duration is usually about a year, much faster than metal braces
  • The aligners are invisible on your teeth! Most people will not see them.

Tooth Bonding

For a faster, more affordable alternative to veneers, consider tooth bonding. This procedure covers many of the same problems — chips, stains, gaps, cracks, and minor crookedness — but can usually be done in a single dentist visit.

We will apply a putty-like resin, perfectly matched to your enamel color, to your tooth and meticulously mold it to the contours. We then harden the material with a special light, make final adjustments, and polish it for a totally lifelike gleam. When the procedure is over, the tooth will look completely natural, but flawless.

Gummy Smile Treatment

If you are unhappy with your overly prominent gums or your teeth look unnaturally small, we can adjust your gumline with a gum reshaping treatment or crown lengthening. We can also restore gums that have receded, or pulled away, from the teeth.

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