We hope that your summer is off to a great start. If anything seems amiss in your mouth, this is the perfect time to take care of it. We can help you get your oral health back on track quickly through offerings like our multipurpose dental crowns. Keep reading to hear more about it, and then give us a call at 720-504-2539 to request your restorative dentistry consultation appointment with our Longmont, CO team. At our office, we are committed to non-toxic dentistry, so we look forward to discussing all the modern options available to you. That way you can make well-informed decisions about your smile care before we ever get started.

Repair Dental Damage

A dental crown is a restoration that we can use to protect a tooth. We often place crowns for patients who have encountered extensive tooth decay, or who have fillings that are too big to restore again, or to strengthen a tooth following root canal therapy, or for teeth that are heavily cracked. Dental crowns serve to protect you from further pain, discomfort, or damage by completely covering your damaged tooth. We can take care of your smile restoration in as little as two visits. We will prepare your teeth and take impressions during the initial visit, then place your final restoration during a follow-up visit.

No Metal Required

Other area dental offices are still using metal in their dental crowns. It’s true that metal-based crowns are strong, but there are other problems patients who have these type of crowns often develop a gray-colored line near their gum-line. That’s why we are using a variety of materials, including all-porcelain and zirconia, for a durable and lifelike solution that you can be proud to show off.

Long-Term Solution

We can make strong crowns that can last for years, even decades. But the truth is that your crown will likely not be around forever. A crown can fail on account of poor oral health, sudden trauma, or a crack or break. As long as there is enough healthy tooth beneath the crown, though, we can replace the bad crown with another crown.

Implants Are An Option

Damaged or missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious. They can also prevent you from eating the foods you love, and the ones that keep you healthy. A dental implant can change all that, for the better.

This type of treatment can be used to replace a missing tooth, several teeth, or even to stabilize a set of dentures. Implants are one of the most sought-after replacements because they function like real roots, and are almost as strong. And they can be restored with dental crowns so that they look just like your natural teeth.

We have a cone beam CT scanner that provides detailed 3-D images and helps us plan each step of your restoration procedure. Plus, we also offer free dental implants consultations, so you’ve literally got nothing to lose!

Call Today To Take Back Your Smile!

If you like what you just heard, it is definitely time to see what dental crowns can do for you. All you have to do now is call Silver Leaf Dentistry today at 720-504-2539 to request your restorative dentistry consultation appointment in Longmont, CO. Be sure to take advantage of our flexible appointment times in the early mornings and evenings.