One thing that never ceases to surprise us at our Longmont, CO dental office is how patients react when we say the phrase “root canal” – their eyes get big, their eyebrows raise, and they often ask if there’s any other option available.

The funny thing is, when we ask those same patients why they’re so concerned about having a root canal, they can’t tell us why. Most don’t even know what a root canal is until we explain. Yet, because of urban myths popularized by movies and television, the very phrase makes many patients anxious.

Well, we’re here to tell you there’s nothing to fear, because at Silver Leaf Dentistry, we perform fast, comfortable root canal therapy to repair and protect your damaged teeth.

We Use Comfort Items And Patient Education To Help You Relax

At Silver Leaf Dentistry, we do everything we can to help you relax well before we begin the root canal procedure itself. Our friendly team of dental professionals will greet you with a warm smile and discuss any concerns you might have so that we can help put you at ease. If you happen to be a little on edge, we can help relieve any dental anxiety you might be feeling with an assortment of comfort items, including:

  • Pillows and blankets to keep you cozy
  • A beverage and snack area if you’re hungry or thirsty
  • Ceiling-mounted TVs and wireless headphones to entertain and distract you
  • Spacious, private care rooms for your comfort

We also use advanced dental technology to help us assess your situation, plan your treatment, and educate you. Here are just some of the cutting-edge technologies we use:

  • A 42” HD screen to display highly detailed digital X-rays (which are faster, more accurate, and produce less radiation)
  • An iPad app that allows us to show you an animation of your planned treatment so you’ll know what to expect

At Silver Leaf Dentistry, we will always make sure you are relaxed and comfortable before we begin.

Reasons You May Need A Root Canal

Simply put, a root canal is a restorative dentistry procedure that we use to remove damaged soft tissue and nerves (pulp) inside a tooth to preserve the rest of the tooth structure. Many dental problems can lead to the tooth pulp becoming infected, diseased, or inflamed, including:

  • Deep cavities or other forms of tooth decay
  • A broken or cracked tooth or another source of trauma
  • A tooth that has become weakened following repeated dental treatments

In any of these cases, a root canal may be necessary to save your natural tooth. If the issue has progressed too far, we may need to remove your damaged tooth and replace it with a dental implant or dental bridge.

To keep your teeth healthy and hopefully avoid the need for treatments like root canal therapy, you should learn to recognize signs of a potential dental emergency. Because small issues can be indicators of a larger problem, a good rule of thumb when it comes to your oral health is: if it hurts, it’s an emergency. Here are some particular symptoms that may mean you need root canal therapy:

  • Tooth pain (can range from mild to severe)
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold food and drink
  • Pain when you bite down on the affected tooth
  • Tender/swollen gums near the problem area

If you suspect you may need a root canal, contact Silver Leaf Dentistry right away.

What To Expect During Root Canal Therapy

Thanks to modern techniques and advanced dental technology, your root canal (or endodontic) therapy will be no more painful than receiving a simple tooth filling. Following your digital X-rays and careful planning, we will:

  • Numb the area for optimum comfort
  • Remove the tooth pulp using rotary endodontics
  • Fill your tooth with an inert, biocompatible material called gutta-percha to protect the tooth
  • Cap the entire tooth with a dental crown for added strength

And, thanks to our state-of-the-art handheld rotary endodontics system, your treatment will be:

  • More comfortable, less stressful, and faster
  • More reliable with less chance of complications

Save Your Tooth With A Comfortable Root Canal

Don’t avoid a toothache – contact Silver Leaf Dentistry for a thorough dental exam with Dr. Wallin to find out if you need root canal therapy. To schedule or to ask us any questions you might have, fill out our online form or call 720-504-2539.