Small dental problems require small fixes. If you have a small cavity, you can get a small filling to repair the damage. But what if you have a major problem like a severely damaged tooth or one that’s missing entirely? Then you may need an oral surgery procedure.

By calling Silver Leaf Dentistry today at 720-504-2539, you can make an appointment with a dentist that combines years of experience with advanced training. Dr. Wallin can help restore your smile, and he knows how to make surgery as simple as possible. But to help with that, here are some ways you can prepare for your appointment at home.

At-Home Preparations

Make sure you understand all instructions: The night before your visit is the wrong time to start reading your dentist’s instructions! Read them a few days beforehand so you can call us at 720-504-2539 and ask any questions. No one should have to guess about their oral surgery instructions.

Plan on comfortable clothes and no jewelry: Since this is surgery, you want to avoid wearing any jewelry like earrings or necklaces, as those could catch on the dentist’s hands. You might be in the chair for a while longer than normal, so you should also wear comfortable clothes.

Stock up on some soft, bland food: Even though you had an oral surgery procedure, you will still need to eat. Yet food that is tough, chewy, or spicy can aggravate your mouth. You won’t want to hit the store right after your appointment, so go shopping now and get some soft, bland foods like mashed potatoes or plain yogurt.

Get some ice packs in the freezer: Pain relievers are a great idea after your procedure, but sometimes they do not help with any swelling. To avoid the discomfort of that, get some ice packs and make sure they are in the freezer before you head out to our Longmont office.

Line up something to read or watch: When you get home, you’ll need some time to rest and recuperate. That can get boring, and it’s not like you’ll want to search for a book or show to watch when you’re recovering. Instead, get some media lined up so you can enjoy your time as the site heals.

Don’t eat or drink starting eight hours before your appointment: As with any surgery, you can drink water and take any prescribed medications (but be sure to let Dr. Wallin know what you normally take). But avoid eating large meals or drinking starting eight hours before your visit. You don’t want to need the bathroom halfway through the procedure!

When It’s Needed

There are several cases where getting oral surgery is the best option available. For example, sometimes a tooth gets infected by bacteria so badly that it cannot be saved. Removing that tooth is the only way to get healthy. The same is true for a badly damaged tooth. Normally, a dental crown can repair the damage, but not if the problem is severe.

Wisdom teeth often have to come out as well. That’s because they typically come through underneath your other molars. This can ruin your dental health and therefore the tooth has to come out.

No matter how you lost a tooth, you can get a long-lasting replacewith with a dental implant. This requires surgery because the implant is placed in your jawbone. This mimics the natural roots of teeth, giving your replacement the same stability and strength.

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