It’s easier just to tell the kids that sugar is bad for their teeth than to explain fully why they should go easy on the Halloween candy.

What it really means is that the bad bacteria in your mouth is the source of those common dental problems like decay and cavities.

Sugar just happens to be its favorite source of fuel, so your friends at Silver Leaf Dentistry are giving you some tips for getting through the trick-or-treat season without hurting your family’s smiles!

*An Empty Stomach Sets You Up For Failure*

You probably know what happens when you go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

Your cart will end up a lot fuller than usual because everything looks delicious.

The same tends to happen when we eat sweets before a meal rather than after.

So if practicing moderation is already a challenge, eat a healthy lunch or dinner before you dig into the candy bowl!

*Don’t Let Candy Stick Around*

Substances like marshmallows, gummy bears, and taffy will easily “stick” around in your mouth for far too long, and you don’t want to attract bad bacteria with these kinds of sweet treats.

It’s better to avoid sticky candy, or at the very least, rinse your mouth out if you just can’t resist a good caramel candy bar!

*Water Isn’t Just For Drinking*

It’s not practical, or good for your teeth actually, to brush after every little snack. You could keep your mouth clean until it’s time to brush your teeth again simply by rinsing your mouth out with water after you eat. It’s a good idea to do that after you eat something sweet because it will wash away lots of the sugar that’s left behind from candy.

*Not All Gum Is Bad*

Bubble gum, like all other candy, is full of sugar. But you can opt for chewing gum that has xylitol in it, which is an alternative sweetener that fights, rather than attracts, bacteria.

*Teeth Are For Eating*

It’s a good rule of thumb at any time of year, but especially during holidays.
Only use your teeth for what they are specifically designed to do – chew your food!

Biting and tearing wrappers and packages may seem harmless in the moment, but you could damage your teeth in the process, which could result in a very inconvenient dental emergency!

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