Odds are you already know someone who has a dental crown. You may even have one yourself.

If so, then you understand what dental crowns can do for your smile. If you’ve never had a crown, we hope we can help you avoid getting one. But if something happens and you need to repair a damaged tooth, our dentist office in Longmont, CO, will be here for you.

Today we want to discuss some common reasons you may want or need a dental crown. To learn more, call 720-504-2539 or contact us online to make an appointment at Silver Leaf Dentistry.

You Have A Cracked Tooth

It can happen in an instant. All it takes is one bite into an unexpected olive pit, an unpopped kernel of popcorn, or a cube of ice. Your tooth can crack and start to hurt.

If you act quickly, you can save most of the tooth. If not, the crack can spread and could put your whole tooth at risk.

If you come to Silver Leaf Dentistry, we can ease your pain with a local anesthetic or oral sedation before we begin. After making an impression to help design your crown, we will remove the part of your tooth that has been damaged. What remains will be shaped into an abutment where your dental crown will be attached when it is ready.

You may have to wear a temporary crown for short time while your dental crown is being made. When your permanent crown is ready, we will bond it to your tooth. When everything is in place, your crown will function, feel, and look like one of your natural teeth.

You Have A Broken Tooth

Just like a cracked tooth, a broken tooth can happen at any time — during a recreational softball game, when walking down the street, or while working on a home improvement project. Any kind of trauma to the mouth could cause your tooth to break.

From a procedural standpoint, this is treated much like a cracked tooth. We will reshape what’s left of your tooth into an abutment, and the dental crown will be bonded in place when it is ready.

You Have Serious Tooth Decay

Let this be a reminder to act quickly if you do notice signs of tooth decay. In the case of a small cavity, a dental filling is usually enough.

If the cavity is too large for a filling, a dental crown can stop the infection from going deeper (when a root canal may be needed). The crown also may help protect the tooth against another infection in the future.

You Have A Discolored Tooth

Stains aren’t the only reason teeth can become discolored. You may have one tooth in particular that stands out from the rest of your smile due to an injury, an illness, or the side effects of some medication.

In this situation, teeth whitening might be more than you need. Instead, a dental crown could change the color of your tooth so it blends in with the rest of your smile.

You Have A Misshapen Tooth

Like the issue mentioned above, this is more of a cosmetic reason to get a dental crown.

For many reasons, some people have teeth that don’t develop quite like the rest of their smiles. A single tooth can cause someone to feel self-conscious about smiling.

A dental crown can give you the appearance of a tooth that fits in with your smile rather than detracting from it.

You Have A Missing Tooth

This is possible in large part because of the development of modern dental implants.

Implants replace the roots of missing teeth. By placing a single implant in your jaw, we also create a foundation to support your dental crown.

After the implant is placed in your jawbone, we can attach your crown. The end result for you is a natural-looking smile that is strong enough to bite and chew just like you could before your tooth fell out, was knocked out, or was removed.

Is It Time For You To Get A Dental Crown?

It just might be. If you have a tooth that is damaged for any reason or is missing, please contact Silver Leaf Dentistry at 720-504-2539 or fill out our online form.

Dr. Kory Wallin can discuss whether a dental crown or one of our other services will be right for you.