With all the holiday events on the horizen, you’re bound to find your way into someone’s photos, and maybe even social media. Besides that possibility, there’s the very real fact that you will be forced to have face time with friends, family, and co-workers as the seasonal celebrations unfold. Shouldn’t you look your very best? We are here to tell you that an improved appearance can come fast through a smile makeover in Longmont, CO.

Here at Silver Leaf Dentistry, we are equipped to offer many easy and effective cosmetic dentistry options to help take your teeth and gums to where they need to go. To find out about the possibilities that best suit your situation, keep reading. Then, plan to talk to our Longmont cosmetic dentist Dr. Wallin in person about getting started. Call 720-504-2539 today for a consultation.

Teeth Whitening

Just brightening your smile can make you look younger, and feel more confident, which in turn can make you more successful in your personal and professional endeavors. Depending on your situation, you might need to go a few shades brighter to reach your desired look. Or you might need to fight deep stains and brighten many shades. Whitening in our office with KöR is a longer-lasting, deep bleaching approach. We’ll send you home with custom trays to further whiten, if needed. You can also whiten with Opalescence whitening at home and stop when you’ve reached your desired shade. Either way, you win.

Dental Veneers

If there is a lot going on with your smile, in terms of damage or flaws, ask us about veneers. After an initial visit for measurements, X-rays, and a discussion of the color, shape, size, and other features you want from your custom veneers, you’ll come back for one more visit for Dr. Wallin to bond the veneers in place. Once they’re on your teeth, they will instantly hide any problems. Truth be told, some patients even qualify to use veneers instead of orthodontics to correct mild alignment problems.

Tooth Bonding

If you aren’t ready to commit to veneers or anything else that’s too involved, cosmetic bonding can fix many of the same issues as veneers. Instead of a thin shell that we cement to the front of your tooth, we’ll use a composite resin that we match to your tooth and apply where it’s needed. It usually takes minutes, and it can give you a few years of a better smile. If you’re in a hurry and need an affordable solution that can still give you a more sophisticated, better looking smile, ask Dr. Wallin about bonding.

Teeth Contouring

A problem we encounter a lot is when teeth are otherwise fine but just don’t fit in with their neighboring teeth. Perhaps they’re a little longer than the others, or a little too pointy. Sometimes a crack or chip on the edge makes them stand out. We have a simple solution that takes one appointment to fix this kind of problem. With tooth contouring, Dr. Wallin will gently smooth the edges to make those teeth fit in and even out your smile.

Gum Reshaping

Teeth tend to be the stars of the show, but if you want them to truly shine, you may need gum reshaping. Dr. Wallin is trained in carefully and artistically manipulating gum tissue to correct “gummy smiles” and receding gums. In most cases, one appointment is all that’s needed.

Call Today For A Holiday Smile Makeover

We hope you have been inspired to attain an improved smile with our help. Call our Longmont, CO office at 720-504-2539 or use our online form to discuss your holiday smile makeover with Dr. Wallin. You might even ask for a free Invisalign consultation if you’d like a virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth by this time next year.