It’s the start of a brand-new year. Why not make it the start of a brand-new smile? Imagine: teeth that are not dark, dingy, and discolored. That don’t compel you to smile with your lips pressed shut, or laugh with your hand placed strategically over your mouth.

It’s time to implement this change that will increase your self-esteem, make you look younger and more vibrant, and give you the boost you need to show your true, confident self to the world.

And it’s surprisingly easy.

At Silver Leaf Dentistry of Longmont, CO, we have two highly effective solutions that take your smile from dull to dazzling white. Call 720-504-2539 to book a consultation with Dr. Kory Wallin. He will be happy to discuss which teeth-whitening option will work best for you.

Dark Teeth Are Not Inevitable

Perhaps you think your not-so-pearly-nor-white whites are just one of many undesirable but inevitable aspects of getting older. While it’s true that teeth do tend to become darker with age as stains infiltrate microscopic cracks in your enamel, it’s not something that can’t be prevented or that you have to accept. Knowing the causes of teeth darkening may help you better understand and prevent the issue.

Extrinsic discoloration refers to the darkening of just the enamel layer of the teeth. Contributors to extrinsic stains include:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Smoking and the use of other tobacco products
  • Soda
  • Wine (even white wine will make your teeth more susceptible to stains)
  • Brightly colored candies, beverages, and treats
  • Dark berries, cherries, tomatoes, grapes, and pomegranates

Foods that are high in acid, even if they don’t contain staining pigments themselves, roughen up the surface of the enamel and make it easier for stains to stick. To minimize the discoloration caused by foods and drinks, brush your teeth after consuming the worst offenders. At the very least, rinse your mouth out with water.

Intrinsic stains occur when the dentin, or inner part of the tooth, becomes dark or yellowed. These stains may result from a number of issues, from overexposure to fluoride as a child to trauma to certain medications. Because they develop deep within the tooth, intrinsic stains tend to be trickier to treat than extrinsic stains.

Professional Teeth Whitening Delivers Results

If you’ve tried drugstore whitening products before, you likely discovered that they just don’t work well, if at all. That’s because they contain far lower concentrations of active ingredient than our professional systems. Plus the trays may not fit properly, exposing your gums to pain and sensitivity.

Opalescence Go Offers Unparalleled Convenience

At Silver Leaf Dentistry, we offer a product that marries the convenience of an at-home treatment with the safety and oversight of a professional system. Opalescence Go is ready to use right out of the box, but gives you beautiful professional results.

Opalescence Go utilizes pre-filled trays that fit snugly over your teeth and that keep the solution from leaking out onto the gums. The gel, which contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, is available in pleasant melon and mint flavors. You should see your newly white smile emerge in just a few days.

KoR Deep Bleaching Delivers Dramatic Results

Do you want an ultra-dazzling smile for your wedding or another important event? Do you have especially dark or stubborn stains to eliminate? Our KoR deep bleaching product is an extremely powerful whitening system that is effective even against those deep intrinsic stains. Through a combination of in-office and at-home treatments, KoR enables your pearly whites to absorb oxygen and dissolve stains, lightening your teeth up to sixteen shades. KoR products are refrigerated from the manufacturing plant to their arrival at your dentist’s office, ensuring maximum freshness and potency.

Keep That Smile White

Once you have your gorgeous new smile, the last thing you want is for your teeth to return to their unappealing dark shade. Here are tips for keeping your teeth bright, white, and beautiful.

  • Practice excellent oral hygiene. Brush morning and night and floss daily.
  • Visit us at Silver Leaf Dentistry at least twice a year for a cleaning and exam.
  • Try to minimize our consumption of staining foods and drinks. If you must indulge, brush your teeth afterward. If that’s not possible, rinse your mouth with water.

Are you ready to make the most of your smile? If you live in the Longmont, CO area and would like to book an appointment for teeth whitening at Silver Leaf Dentistry, fill out our convenient online form. Or call our office at 720-504-2539.