Whether you’re a serious athlete or just like to play a little sports on the weekends, protecting your smile should be one of your top priorities. Get top-notch protection for your mouth with a professional mouthguard, not some generic kind bought from a big-box retailer.

Here are six reasons custom mouthguards are better than store-bought mouthguards:

  1. Made just for your teeth to fit perfectly
  2. Guard all teeth, not just the front ones
  3. Lock in place during play – no slipping
  4. Let you talk and breathe easy
  5. Made of strong material that won’t tear
  6. Better absorb shock and force

Basic mouthguards just don’t cut it next to a custom mouthguard from our office. Call Silver Leaf Dentistry today at 720-504-2539 to schedule a fitting. You can also request an appointment online. Your smile will thank you!