We never want you to skip regular visits to the dentist. Doing so can result in costly and possibly painful problems. So we try to make our services as affordable as possible. Check out five ways to save on dental care at our office:

  • Join Our Dental Savings Plan – Our dental savings plan enables you to pay a low annual fee that covers the cost of two dental cleanings, exams, and X-rays. The more people on the plan, the more economical it is. Cost for a single patient is $299. You’ll pay $499 for two people and $599 a year for up to four people. Plus, there’s no paperwork or other insurance hassles!
  • Take Advantage of Our $149 New Patient Special – We welcome new patients with a $149 introductory special that includes an exam, cleaning, and full set of X-rays. 
  • Pay Just $2,999 for an Implant Crown – Some people are put off by the cost of dental implants. But we offer a great deal for an implant crown. You’ll pay just $2,999 for the implant placement procedure, a dental crown, and the abutment (which connects the crown to the implant). Plus, you’ll pay only $49 for your implant consultation. This amount will be applied to your implant treatment if you decide to move forward.
  • Receive a Discount for Cash Payments – We’ll deduct 5 percent from the cost of your treatment if you pay in cash before your appointment. 
  • See Us Regularly for Exams and Cleanings – One of the easiest and best ways to save on your dental care is to visit us every six months for an exam and cleaning. Our professional cleanings help prevent cavities and gum disease. Regular exams give us a chance to identify and treat small problems before they get worse. For example, we can repair a small cavity with a filling. But larger cavities will require a crown, and if decay gets inside your tooth you will need a root canal. 

Need to make an appointment? Call us today at 720-504-2539 to visit Silver Leaf Dentistry in Longmont, CO.