Dental problems can be small and not so serious. Or they can threaten your smile and overall oral health. The good news is, our team can repair dental damage of any kind. 

Call Silver Leaf Dentistry at 720-504-2539. Whether you have a toothache or a broken tooth, we’ll get your smile back on track. In the meantime, check out some of our treatments for fixing damaged teeth.

Mend Your Cavity

It’s easiest to fix cavities when they are small. That’s why we recommend getting an exam every six months. If your dentist finds decay, he stops it from getting worse with a tooth-colored composite filling. Unlike metal fillings, a composite filling blends easily into your smile. It also doesn’t contain mercury. 

Fix Cracks or Breaks

The degree of damage will determine how we fix a cracked or broken tooth. You may be able to mend small cracks or breaks with a dental veneer or bonding treatment. More severe damage will require an inlay, an onlay, or a dental crown. A crown offers the most extensive restoration as it covers your whole tooth. 

Save Your Tooth From Infection

In infection gets inside your tooth, it needs to be removed. If it’s not, you will lose the tooth – usually after suffering quite a bit of discomfort. Dr. Wallin comfortably cleans out the infection with a root canal. He uses rotary endodontics. This method is more efficient and easy than the stationary files used in the past. 

Extract a Problem Tooth & Replace Missing Teeth

We always want to save a damaged tooth if we can. But sometimes it just isn’t possible. Dr. Wallin has removed countless teeth – and can extract yours if necessary. He’ll walk you through the procedure beforehand so you know just what to expect.

You’ll find several great options for replacing missing teeth. We often recommend dental implants. If you choose implants, your teeth will feel and function almost exactly like they did before. We offer an implant special for replacing a single tooth. For $2,999 you’ll get one implant, an abutment, and crown. If implants aren’t for you, you can replace one tooth with a conventional dental bridge. If you’ve lost a lot of teeth, you can get dentures. Unlike conventional dentures, you won’t lose bone mass in your jaw if we attach your replacement teeth to implants. 

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