You deserve to have a smile that makes you feel beautiful and confident. But you have crooked teeth. The solution is easy, right?

Not if you’re an adult.

It’s frustrating to feel like your only way to a straight smile is by enduring years of wearing metal braces. This is fine if you’re a teenager. It’s quite another thing if you’re a busy, hardworking professional who wants to be taken seriously.

That’s why our team at Silver Leaf Dentistry wants you to know about Invisalign! In today’s blog, we’re talking about how Invisalign works and why our adult patients here in Longmont, CO love this discreet, fast solution for their crooked teeth.

Here are just four ways adults can win the smile game thanks to Invisalign!

Invisalign Is A Clear, Discreet Option For Adults

While Invisalign can work just as well for younger people, adults especially love it because the clear aligners won’t bring them unwanted attention. You can’t hide a mouthful of metal brackets and wires, but you can hide Invisalign.

As an adult, you work hard and want to be taken seriously in a professional setting. This is one of the reasons adults find Invisalign such an attractive option. You can undergo orthodontic treatment discreetly so you don’t have to look like a teenager!

Invisalign Is Comfortable For Adults

Invisalign is a series of clear, plastic aligners, so of course, it’s a comfortable option for anyone. But it’s especially nice for adults because you can remove it when you need to.

Take out your aligners for an important business lunch with potential clients. Remove them when it’s time to brush and floss for easy maintenance.

For younger patients, it can be really tempting to be sort of relaxed about wearing Invisalign according to the instructions, about 22 hours a day. But adults tend to have more discipline when it comes to the flexibility of removable aligners.

Adults also love the comfortable, smooth plastic against their lips and cheeks as opposed to the sharp edges of traditional metal braces. There’s also a gentler pressure as your teeth gradually shift into proper position, instead of the monthly soreness after your braces are tightened. Invisalign is just a more comfortable orthodontic treatment overall.

Invisalign Is Convenient For Busy Adults

If you’re a hardworking professional or a full-time college student, you don’t have the luxury of keeping monthly appointments to maintain traditional treatment. Your aligners are customized with each new stage of your Invisalign treatment. This is a much more convenient way to straighten your teeth if you don’t want to miss work and spend all that time traveling to and from monthly appointments.

Invisalign Is A Fast, Effective Treatment For Adults

Adults don’t have time to spend two or three years wearing traditional braces. That’s why Invisalign is, again, a very attractive option because it can usually be completed in about twelve months.

Generally, Invisalign is best if you just want to straighten crooked teeth. If you have major problems with your bite alignment, however, traditional braces may be the more appropriate method of treatment for you.

If your issue is primarily cosmetic, Invisalign just might be the answer! With Invisalign, you get the same beautiful results in less than half the time of metal braces. It doesn’t get more convenient than that if you’re a busy parent, a college student, or a professional.

Is Invisalign The Clear Choice For Your Smile?

Invisalign is a fast, convenient, and comfortable orthodontic solution for adults who want a straight, beautiful smile. It’s not right for everyone, so they only way to know if Invisalign is the clear choice for your crooked smile is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wallin. He can help you decide how to get a straighter smile in a way that’s suitable for your lifestyle and your wallet!

Call our Longmont, CO dental office today at 720-504-2539 or fill out our convenient online form. Our team at Silver Leaf Dentistry is looking forward to helping you get the smile you’ve always wanted!