Batter up! Get that goal! Game, set, match! Spring sports are in motion — and so are you! If your sport of choice is high-impact, you’re at risk of damage to your teeth. Wearing a custom-made mouthguard is the best way to protect your teeth. 

It may seem like an annoyance to remember another thing on the playing field, but your teeth are important. Wearing a mouthguard that’s made especially for you is an easy way to put protection first and turn your attention to the game. Let us guard your mouth while you focus on winning! Call Silver Leaf Dentistry today at 720-504-2539 for an appointment in Longmont, CO. 

It’s Protective

Mouthguards protect your teeth, period. But they’re especially important in high-impact sports. A rogue ball, hand, or knee can hit your mouth at any point, and put you at risk for damage. Don’t worry about cracking, hurting, or losing any of your teeth while in the zone! Your custom mouthguard makes sure your focus is on the game. 

Brace for Impact

Do you have braces? If so, wearing a mouthguard is even more important! While braces help straighten your smile, the metal wires and brackets can injure your mouth if you’re hit. A mouthguard will protect your teeth, gums, and soft tissues of your mouth if an accident does happen. 

Strength Matters

You’ve likely seen an array of DIY mouthguards in stores. While these will offer a simple layer of protection for your teeth, it won’t be enough for playing high-impact sports. We’ll work with you to create a strong, unique mouthguard that fits your mouth and your needs. 

Save Your Money 

While custom mouthguards are pricier than store-bought ones, they’re always the best line of defense against a mouth sports injury. And any way you slice it, a custom mouthguard is much cheaper than restorative dentistry. (But if you do need repair work, we’ve got you covered in that regard, too).  

Ready to protect your teeth and win your next game? Call Silver Leaf Dentistry today at 720-504-2539 for an appointment in Longmont, CO or request an appointment online.