Stephanie G. on having many crowns placed at Silver Leaf Dentistry

I have had extensive work done on my mouth. I unfortunately just have bad teeth, and that’s how it’s been my whole life. I have terrible experiences with dentists, to the point where I try not to go.

But after coming here and being within this office, that dissipated. It’s been put more at ease, and that fear isn’t there as much. They’ve done crowns, fillings, and again, have worked with existing issues that I’ve had, issues that I’ve neglected; and have done them in a way that my mouth feels good, works well, and I’m always happy when I leave.

They feel great. There’s no grinding. There’s no pressure within my jaw or head. They work really, really well. They match my existing teeth color so I do not feel like I have different teeth in my mouth, and that’s what I like the best.

Every time I walk out of here … I’m not generally one to like my smile. But every time I leave here I do, more. I would say come here. Again, I tell everybody to come here.

Not only will you get quality care, you will get kind care. And that’s very important.

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