Stephanie G. on bringing her whole family to Silver Leaf Dentistry

Dr. Wallin and the staff, again, it’s that friendliness, that ability to put kids at ease. My daughter unfortunately inherited my bad teeth, and she comes in quite often. And they are always just very kind, very gracious to her, and really make sure that she feels good when she’s coming in to get procedures done. And that’s important to me as a mom.

They work within your schedule. They’re a family-owned practice, so they understand family scheduling, between baseball, basketball, and my daughter’s school. They’re very willing to get us in when we need to, when we have to, and work around with our schedule to accommodate that. And that makes it very easy having two kids with two busy schedules. They work well with our insurance, and they just work well overall, welcoming us and making sure we know, again, what’s happening, what’s going on, and are just very friendly in the process of doing it all.

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