Shelly R. on overcoming her fears and her dental crown

I equate the dentist with pain, and I haven’t felt any pain at all. I even had to have a root canal, and it was in the front tooth. I am so happy that he did it, because he did a great job. I didn’t feel anything. I watched TV while he was doing it. I had fallen years ago, and I hit my front tooth. And as years went on, it darkened and darkened and continued to get darkened. And then every time I would talk to someone, they would be staring at my tooth. And finally they took X-rays and said that it, basically, it’s dying, and that I had to have a root canal and a crown, which completely I was afraid of. And I came in, he did it, and he did an amazing job. And now I can’t stop smiling. Oh, I would tell them they would feel comfortable coming to Silver Leaf Dentistry. Yeah, very. And Dr. Wallin and Sabrina, they’re great. They make you feel very comfortable.

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