If your damaged or missing teeth are preventing you from eating what you want or even stopping you from smiling, contact Silver Leaf Dentistry in Longmont, CO for strong, beautiful dental crowns and bridges!

At our dental office, Longmont, CO dentist Dr. Kory Wallin can rejuvenate your smile in as little as two visits! Whether you receive a dental crown or a dental bridge, he will prepare your teeth and take impressions during an initial visit, then place your permanent restoration during a follow-up.

Dental Crowns Explained

A dental crown fully caps a damaged tooth to provide added strength and improved function. Trusted Longmont, CO dentist Dr. Wallin uses a variety of materials, including all-porcelain and zirconia, and will discuss all your options so you can make the best decision for you.

Dental crowns can permanently restore teeth with the following issues:

  • Severe cracks
  • Deep cavities
  • Severe wear
  • Teeth that have undergone root canal therapy

Depending on your situation, top-rated Longmont, CO dentist Dr. Kory Wallin may recommend partial crowns, called inlays and onlays, that cover and protect more of your tooth than a dental filling, but without capping it entirely.

Dental Bridges Explained

If you’re missing one or two adjacent teeth, we can place a dental bridge to permanently fill the gap in your smile.

Each missing tooth will be replaced with a solid “false” crown and held in place by either:

  • Dental crowns attached to your natural teeth on either side of the gap
  • Dental implants

Regardless of which option you and Dr. Wallin decide on, your replacement teeth will give you your full function and confident smile back. Your dental crowns and bridges can even be color-matched to the rest of your smile!

Stop enduring pain and embarrassment and call Silver Leaf Dentistry at 720-504-2539 to schedule your dental crowns or bridge consultation. You can also use our online form. Come and see Dr. Kory Wallin, a resident dentist of our office, a trusted one who had his Doctorate Degree of Dental Medicine at Midwestern University.

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